Profiles and sheets finishing machines

SILLEM has been producing automatic profiles and sheets finishing machines from the beginning of its activity. The main requirement of these kind of machines is the capability to provide high production volumes.

Therefore the machine should allow to unload an high quality finished product from the production line in a very short time.

In this regard our profiles and sheets finishing machines can fully satisfy the customer’s needs. Indeed we can find the best possible configuration to obtain the finishing on the whole surface of the pieces in the shortest cycle time.

The profiles finishing machines can be of two types. The “centerless” machines are equipped with a certain number of heads based on the finishing type. While the bench machines allow to obtain the finishing of several pieces simultaneously. The latter ones can also work metal sheets.

SILLEM always designs its automatic profiles and sheets finishing machines starting from the drawings of the products that the machine must finish and from the customer’s request for hourly production.

All our working heads reach their optimal results using abrasive compounds and buffs from our partner company Roditor. As a result customer obtains all the finishings, from satin with different SISAL to mirror with different cotton buffs.