Sinks finishing machines

The first of the SILLEM sinks finishing machines was the “Eolo” that supported manual work inside of the bowls with automatic floor finishing. It was the 60s’ and the company founder began its production just in the industrial sector of the sinks for kitchens.

Over the years the SILLEM sinks finishing machines evolved a lot. Today the sinks manufacturer has the possibility to obtain the whole finishing of the sink in a completely automatic cycle. We can also work on stainless steel and other materials.

Our machines are equipped with rotary tables with different working positions. The polishing units work around the table in such a number that they can cover all the surface of the bowl. In this way we can also obtain any type of finishing required by the customer, from satin to mirror.

Thanks to automation and the movements precision, our sinks finishing machines can process samples of the most varied shapes. For the same reason our heads are able to work even the smallest rays.

All our working heads reach their optimal results using abrasive compounds and buffs from our partner company Roditor. As a result customer obtains all the finishings, from satin with different SISAL to mirror with different cotton buffs.