Automatic finishing machines for cutlery

SILLEM, thank to its experience, is able to supply automatic finishing machines for cutlery that can cover all possible productions. Indeed cutlery is one of the most difficult products to work with, especially as regards the large number of shapes we can find on the market today.

Our machines for cutlery guarantee a complete finishing from grinding to the polishing desired by the customer. We can obtain a satin or glossy or other kind of finishing with particular characteristics, like brushed, antique, etc.

Our automatic cutlery finishing machines are designed to cover all surfaces with specific activities, from grinding the edge to polishing the blade handle or the tines of spoons and forks. Especially for knives, SILLEM designed its “Special J” pincer, which orients the piece following its shape during the working cycle.

Finally the high automation degree of our machines guarantees extremely high production volumes that can reach one piece per second.

Nowaday SILLEM automatic cutlery finishing machines are able to support the evolution of materials and design innovations. That’s the reason why we sell them all over the world.

All our working heads reach their optimal results using abrasive compounds and buffs from our partner company Roditor. As a result customer obtains all the finishings, from satin with different SISAL to mirror with different cotton buffs.