Industrial automatic finishing machines

Sillem designs and produces a wide range of industrial automatic finishing machines that can fulfill its customers’ finishing needs.

Our machines can guarantee the excellent quality of finishing on a wide range of metal and non metal products. Samples can be as pots, cutlery, sinks, taps, profiles, sheets but also plastic components or other special materials.

Furthermore we are able to design and supply the entire production line, from the welding to the grinding and then the polishing and washing of the pieces. Particularly we support production lines with continuous or sector-based washing systems where space is limited.

Finally, to complete the supply of its industrial automatic finishing machines, Sillem offers its own installation service at the customer premises. And above all at this stage we can instruct the customer’s personnel to use the machines correctly and efficiently.

Finally Sillem supports its customers all over the world. Indeed our specialized staff can timely provide assistance both on-site or from remote through an Internet connection.


  • pots-pans-lids
    Finishing machines for pots and pans
  • Cutlery finished
    Automatic finishing machines for cutlery
  • Sinks finished
    Sinks finishing machines
  • Automotive parts finished
    Finishing machines for vehicles parts
  • profiles and floors finished
    Profiles and sheets finishing machines
  • metal products finished
    Special automatic finishing machines