Finishing machines for vehicles parts

Finishing machines for vehicles parts are widely used in the transport industry. This is a sector that is constantly evolving, with components and details that take on sinuous and complex shapes.

SILLEM machines are suitable for polishing rims of vehicles, or finishing of levers, handles and interior components, like dashboard parts.

As manufacturers of vechicles require very high standards of quality, our machines guarantee a perfect finishing of the component.
Therefore to achieve this result we design machines that leverage on an high degree of automation. Indeed our machines boast a CNC that exploits the axes interpolation, the dynamic pressure control and the wear compensation.

Nowaday our automatic finishing machines for the transport industry are working for the major manufacturers of cycles, motorcycles, cars, heavy vehicles and trains. Our historic presence in this sector is synonymous with reliability and precision.

All our working heads reach their optimal results using abrasive compounds and buffs from our partner company Roditor. As a result customer obtains all the finishings, from satin with different SISAL to mirror with different cotton buffs.