Who We Are


We are the world leader in automated systems for grinding, polishing and washing of metal items.

SILLEM is based on production needs and offers customized solutions that meet the different industrial realities, from traditional machines to automated lines made by multiple integrated systems, through robotic islands and computerized production control system.

The current range of our production, the result of the experience accumulated in more than 70 years of presence in the market, solves most of the problems proposed by customers, however the quick evolution of the market drives us to a continuous research towards the development of new solutions, together with our Customers.

For over 70 years

in the field

Reliability, robustness and ease of use are the elements that led SILLEM to the commercial success in all markets around the world.


The evolution of the economy and the development of the new technology, has brought the  organizational structure of the SILLEM Group to  benefit from the synergies of a core business.

The partnership allows the knowledge sharing through a wider of resources, to minimize production costs, advantages in terms of quality of products and services, reduction of the risks and the development of new markets.

SILLEM has selected its partners to provide support during the manufacture of the production lines and during the entire life of the machine.

Our first goal is to satisfy the Customer