Finishing machines for pots and pans

Automatic finishing machines for pots and pans represent one our main products, since over 70 years. Pots and pans for domestic, professional or community use, made of stainless steel, copper, aluminum, of every shapes and sizes.

Using our automatic polishing machines it is possible to obtain the best possible finishing, from gloss to satin. On the other hand we pay particular attention to the machines construction that are structurally suitable for the required production.

Our automatic finishing machines for pots and pans can have different automation levels, up to obtain a finished pot every 10 seconds. Indeed our goal is to meet the customer needs of internal and external finishing and to guarantee the required productivity.

The main features of our pots finishing machines is its ISO programming, the possibility to quickly change the pot size and the fast tools replacementby our “quick coupling” system.

All our working heads reach their optimal results using abrasive compounds and buffs from our partner company Roditor. As a result customer obtains all the finishings, from satin with different SISAL to mirror with different cotton buffs.

Our mission is to make our experience available to our customer supporting him for the entire life of the machine.