The project is one of the most important step during the configuration of a new machine or production line for pots, cutlery or any kind of surface that need to be polished.

Each device and system need to be configured with the maximum potentiality and the goal is to give the customer a reliable and durable life of the machine.

In a world such as the polishing one, the difference on materials, products or finishing are countless.  A good project developed strictly according with the specifications of the customer’s samples, becomes an excellent machine.

Our project department is complete with specialized engineers able to achieve high performance machines, according to our long history started in the 1946, on the dawn of polishing.

All our machines are completely developed in 2D and 3D drawings in our internal office. This step of the project is necessary to check all the possibilities of the machine on length of motion, rotation and power. This test on 3D program allows to check if there are some mechanical limits before the put in production of all single parts.